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Why we chose MLM.

How It All Started

The Mark and Tammy Smith story began long before we knew what MLM stood for. We have the classic “ordinary people living ordinary lives” story. For us, that meant being a young couple in our early twenties, barely starting out in our careers. With little money coming in, and a big world to take on with big responsibilities, we experienced many ups and downs. Mostly financial, in addition to the kind of rat-race that kept us so occupied, we seem to have very little time to enjoy our newlywed bliss or pursue our dreams.


Family Life

Soon after our wedding, we received news that we were expecting parents. A beautiful daughter, Kaitlyn followed by our energetic son, Marcus. Being parents and working 60-80 hour weeks made us really re-examine our life, our goals, and how we were going to reach them. Struggling to raise a family was far from our dreams – after working so hard, we realize a big change was in store for us. Mark wanted to spend the rest of his life in the military, where values like: teamwork, cohesion, friendship, and being part of a bigger purpose were tremendously important. We started to explore MLM and the possibility of a home-based business. We soon discovered it was actually possible to maintain those values but also create a future that included many amazing possibilities in the world of MLM including financial freedom, family time and unlimited growth potential.

Home Based Business

We started a home-based business part-time and had some limited successes with another MLM. While Mark still loved his work with the military, it became clear after 18-months we needed to focus on working our business full-time. In one of the boldest moves of our young lives, we transitioned to a company with what seemed like an amazing opportunity in leadership, growth and income potential. At this time, we weren’t looking for something new, but after hearing the testimonials of people like ourselves living outstanding lifestyle, we couldn’t help but dive right in. Risking the little earnings we had, we wrote a check (that nearly bounced). We invested not only in our future, but in the future of countless families and entrepreneurs alike. It was our chance to build a legacy with an MLM while helping others and following our dreams.


At first it was a total grind, filled with moments of doubt and highlights of hope. But eventually, passion and focus took over, and with our daily dedication to our success, our funnel started to fill. Leads became signs ups and those sign ups followed our lead. “The steps work if you work them” someone once said and this was true in more ways than one. Our dreams started to become a reality and our goals snowballed into something we could not have even imagined! We started creating unimaginable success and freedom we didn’t think possible. We eventually made our way to California and now live in the home we’ve proudly paid off (before age 40). In fact, we were able to invest in a second dream home just steps from the beaches in Hawaii. This “ordinary couple” achieved Gold International Marketing Director with Nerium International and are the #1 income earners. It’s safe to say, we’re living better now!

Epic Freedom

Today we are able to travel the world with our kids and work as we go. We have a job that lets us work from anywhere we are in the world. Out of it all, we have grown even closer and have stayed true to our roots as “ordinary” people who are walking proof that you can take life by the horns, pursue your passion, and most importantly make epic freedom a reality.


  • Tim Weiss January 24, 2016   Reply →

    Hello. Just wondering when you started? I didn’t see that info here. I may have missed it. Also, how do you address the people who believe everything they read on the internet, or hear, regarding the toxicity of Oleander?

    • Mark & Tammy Smith February 3, 2016   Reply →

      We started in the industry in Nov 2000. With internet research happy people, you can share one of our many resources in the back office in regards to our science that prove that our product is NOT toxic.

  • madden nfl December 12, 2016   Reply →

    It’s great that you are getting thoughts from this article as well as from our dialogue made at this

  • Amanda June 13, 2017   Reply →

    Hi Mark and Tammy,

    I have recently started my journey with Nerium, I have been doing a bit of research looking at different strategies for leads and growing the business. Do you have a step by step guide of what to do to achieve this? or was there one strategy in particular that you found to be useful? I am in the process of writing up a business plan, I am a firm believer that, without a plan there is no hope! Was looking at modelling what Im doing around someone that’s done it right, and that’s obviously you guys! Do you offer any mentoring services? I am based in Sydney, Australia. After a major financial setback, Nerium is my last hope. Any advice, tips or help you have would be greatly appreciated.

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We'll share our secrets to success and send you our Achievement Guide eBook. Learn how we became the #1 Income Earners at Nerium.

Privacy Policy: We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.