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Consider Supporting a Friend During the Holidays

Trying to find the perfect gift for those we love can either be really easy or really difficult! You either know exactly what to get someone or you have no idea. We have committed ourselves to stop buying whatever we land our eyes on as we meander through a store and instead thought about how we could turn the problem into a win-win situation!


Being in a home-based business for 17 years, we have quickly learned that some of the best products on the market come from our industry! With over *20.5 million people in the US involved in direct-selling, you’re bound to know 1 of them!


Awesome products don’t have to come from a storefront! There is a small business for just about every product! You may have a friend that hand makes soaps from her kitchen, creates the best homemade jarred salsa, sells incredible cosmetic products, jewelry, candles, essential oils, the list goes on and on. They obviously believe in the products so much, they decided to sell them!


Learn about their products, see what they have to offer and determine if those can become gifts for people on your list! These gifts will be unique and more than likely, not already received.


Reach out and ask on social media: Who do I know that is a business owner & what do you sell? I’d love to support your business & take care of my holiday shopping in one fell swoop!


Side note: Your friends will LOVE your support, particularly during the holidays when the extra cash for them will be very useful! Hey, you’re going to spend the money anyway, you may as well spend it with someone you know!


By purchasing from an entrepreneur, you are supporting their dream, whatever that may be (staying home with the kids, paying for their child’s tuition, earning an incentive trip, hitting personal goals, etc.).


Trust me, this 1 action will be so appreciated by the seller and receiver that will, in turn, make you feel good!


Pat yourself on the back for being the most supportive friend! Happy Holidays!


*DSA 2016, Fact Sheet

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